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What is Uber? Uber is an American company developing markets and operating a mobile-app based and exclusive transportation network known. The app enables customers to secure and then submit their trip requests. With Uber, you can even get a private car, taxi or rideshare from your cell phone. This connects you with drivers within just short minutes. You can use the Uber app in different cities all over the world. You can request a ride with ease and pay through your phone. Uber is one of the best ridesharing companies that guarantee reliable pickups, one tap ride and clear pricing. As the first ridesharing company on the scene, Uber has established itself in the ridesharing market as the dominant player. Last year it got over

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Go to top billion in venture capital funding, which means it is not going anywhere any time soon. Uber provides several levels of service, giving riders the option to choose from normal cars all the way up to high end-SUVs with commercial drivers behind the wheel.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Pro-Uber Driver Has Warrant Out for Arrest, May Miss 1st Child's Birth This just in from Christopher David, FSP early mover and civil disobedience activist who has continued to drive for Uber in the City of Portsmouth, despite the city council's ban. You can read more about the background to his story here. Says Christopher: Portsmouth has a warrant out for my arrest. Officer Andre Wassouf -- the police officer from THIS VIDEO -- called me two weeks ago to inform me that I may be guilty of a class B felony for posting this audio recording of the bouncer (even though I was on a public road, in my car, and he was on a public sidewalk with no expectation of privacy). Bouncer called the police about it, and Wassouf said he would check to see if the bouncer wanted to press charges; if so, he would call back when a warrant was done. Wassouf recently called again to inform me that he has completed my ARREST WARRANT. Wants me to turn myself in. Here is what I have to say. I stayed up until 4am last night setting up for the home birth of my son. I am swamped with work and preparation up to my eyeballs, and Kayla could go into labor any minute. My interest to participate in a POLICE WITCH-HUNT designed to MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF ME by charging me with a FELONY for a YOUTUBE VIDEO showcasing EFFECTIVE ACTIVISM, and potentially making me MISS THE BIRTH OF MY SON... is LESS than zero. To the city of Portsmouth, I opt out of your system. Leave me alone. To my friends, I would appreciate any help, and I am open to ideas. In the meantime, please SHARE the video in question. smile emoticon" You…

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